This blog is purely dedicated for the betterment of people in India. In this blog author has given his views & elaborated them to explain them. My main focus is that, how can we contribute to betterment of India. How India will be look like in my dream world. How can we make life better than current level. Development is not ending process & nothing is final in this world.

I am not a politician nor have any close relation to any political party nor any content of this blog is intended to any one.

In this world, no one is perfect. we are not a god, we are all humans & humans can make mistakes. Mind & thinking also differs from person to person. Due to lots of personal interest sometime national interest gets diluted. here , I have tried to check lot’s of out of the box concepts, which can contributes for betterment of India. you can also suggest your suggestions in comments, If i feel it adds any further value them will add same to update content for readers. I am not a god, if somewhere by mistake, sentiments of any reader or group gets hurt, kindly let me know in comment, will try to rectify the content where ever is possible.

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