Curse free India

Things should end in positive manner. Just like life in a old age. In a whole life, we try to safeguard our own interest. When young, we have enormous power & Zeal. At old age, we are helpless with mercy children. It hurts deep inside, when children keeps parent as a burden on them. They keep them just like material kept in storage room, which is not useful but may required in future. (To get largest share in property) When Small, A son who has always stand in front of his dad with his down head. He never gone beyond his words. But now, he don’t have time to look-after broken spectacle of his father. He don’t have time for his mother to take her to a hospital for her knee pain. He says, ok, you always have it, you can take auto-rickshaw & go to hospital, I am coming late tonight.

Even not asking his wife, who is housewife to take care of it, as she didn’t like it.

Parents made their children a capable person. What I feel is that in whole life person tries to deliver his best efforts. Only problem is that, in which direction he delivers his efforts is write or wrong. Once he is capable & started earning, at certain level, he start paying tax to government. Till he is unmarried, he thinks positive about his parents, brothers, sisters & treat as a family. Once he get married, slowly his definition of family changes from parents to wife; from brother & sister to his son & daughters. He invests in his children to grow them in proper manner. He bears all expenses of family. His wife also, stand behind him, looks after family & children. Some even contribute to earning. For Children, they pay donations, even give bribe to get good collage or gov. jobs. Search good life partner for them.

Now, again life has came to the same point, where few years back, he has left his parents. Now, he is there at the place of his parents & force to think what has gone wrong. At this point he has plenty of time for thinking but little energy to change it. Time has gone.

Now, he came to know that it is a curse his father – while dying trusty, when no one is there to give water to him. It is curse of his mother when she gets burning sensation while cooking roti (Food) at the age of 70’s & 80’s. It is the curse of in-law (mother-in-law & father-in-law) of your daughters when your daughter gives painful separation to them from their son in their needs. It is also curse of not paying or adjusting tax to government. It is also curse of making system corrupt by giving bribe for selfish personal gain & so on… Now, he came to know that there is no heaven or hell in this universe, he has to clear all his dues here only before dying.

I accept, It’s a fact that no one is harishchandra in this world, but in case of children, almost all parents take decisions for betterment of their child. They try their best to nourish them, but due to curse of parents even their best efforts are getting wasted. From childhood, their children has seen that their parents are not taking care of there grandparents. Now they learn a lessons that taking care of parents is not important. What is important is only keeping western interest in their property is sufficient. Same thing is happening now.

In case of paying tax to government, all people try there best to save tax so that they can pay less tax. Some even wont pay tax at all. Government is having shortage of funds. Again by giving bribe has made system corrupt. Whatever tax that he has paid has flown through this corrupt officials & very little is coming back to him. In one case he is still lucky, yet government has not revoke his right to vote after certain age like 70-75 stating now you can no longer take decision stating mental weakness due to old age. If that happens then even whatever small hope is there from government that will also get lost.

Can we have curse free India ?

I feel, yes we can have curse free India.

If you have read Chanakya niti, he has stated one thing

“आपदर्थे धनं रक्षेद् “

” Save your wealth against future calamity. “

” Save your wealth against future calamity. ” On this ground, at old age, the only strength what you have is your accumulated wealth. You have plenty of time to think. You need to spend it wisely. With the blessing of Mata Laxmi, you can face misfortune; remember condition is very strict that “you should spend it wisely.” You have only last card left to play, else curse of your past deeds is ready to punish you.

At old age, you don’t have much leverage over your children & what ever is left is deteriorating along with your health. In past Your deteriorating health creates worry in mind of your daughter-in-law & her parents. In most of cases that is prevailing factor which gives lot’s of politics which finally separates son from his parents. Even in most of the cases, parents of your daughter-in-law plays very worst role in separation of parents from son.

This is the simple example about the mentality of parents of girl, which I have share, just to make people realise how they make mistake.

Now, the biggest question is, what has happened, that is already happened. You don’t have any control over it now. So what next ?

Who can control action of your children on which you are heavily dependent ?

Most relevant answer is well grown government laws.

What government needs ?

First & for most important thing is “VOTE” but as India is country of young people, only about 11 Cr. population above age 60 wont contribute much to government desire to do much for you. Again just like your children, politicians are also children of their parents so hardly they also care less profitable segment which is about to die.

2nd thing, just like your children, government can also have western interest in your accumulated wealth subjected you are willing to share or give something to government. Government has never thought about it, but if they came to know that they can get some pie out of it. Government can definitely come forward.

Remember “Unity is Biggest Strength.”

India is having almost 11 Cr. population above age 60. If Government offers any strong welfare related plan to change life of old age people. Then on average this 11 Cr. people are ready to pay Rs. 1 lakh it will be whooping sum of 11 lakh Cr. that is almost USD 150 billion at one shot. Again almost 70 lakh people crossing every year age 60. That is 70,000 Cr. or about USD 10 Billion / year & that will be growing every year. There can be extra ordinary boost for healthcare sector along with tourism to shrine.

Here Government can offer different plan starting from 50,000 to 10,00,000 offering different health benefits. highest can accommodate any number of free operations of heart, kidney, liver etc. at designated government hospitals. so people have options to choose suitable option for them.

There is need to change your mindset. You love your children is good, but you should also love yourself. At this age, you have saving far greater than 1 lack rupees. so giving part of that money can be sufficient to expect. You know very well how your children are taking full property at the end but how much they are taking care of you when you are alive & then afterwords they will do some charity – showoff to get name & status for them with your money in your absence. In your presence how much they are taking care of you that you know much better than anyone else.

What you can expect from this whopping 150 billion from government ?

On health front :

  • Government can mass produce & extent free medicines for BP, cholesterol, diabetics etc. like a common old-age health issue.
  • Can provide free surgery which are on small scale.
  • Can provide free treatment in all government hospitals when admitted for 15 days to 1 month every year.
  • Can open Yoga Centers all over India, which can even generate lacks of jobs specially for women. (Why women, will explain in my next article.)
  • Can provide panchakarma once in every 1 or 2 years (quite useful in old-age issues) & ayurvedic medicines & treatment free of cost. As ayurvedic medicine & treatments have less side effects & are time tested. It can bring boom in ayurvedic segment in nation & good income source & alternative income option for farmers.
  • Can provide free annul blood test for sugar, thyroid profile, liver function test, kidney profile, lipid profile like that basic test.
  • Can make government hospitals functional for 24 x 7, this can help to avoid any excuse by children for not able to take to hospitals in their working hours or sunday is off for hospitals for regular checkups. This will boost job opening in gov. hospitals.

On Traveling front :

  • Government can provide free one or two rail or bus tickets per year for any shrine. This will provide boost to tourism industry.

What else government can do if you will twist arms ?

  • Government can make law if parents are staying in old age home then their children has to pay double income tax or extra tax or any compulsory fix tax amount every year without your earning level.
  • Government can ask children to submit affidavit given by their parents that they are happily staying with their children. This will solve little purpose, but can create awareness & little shame in children who are not taking care.
  • Government can give 0.5 % to 1 % income extra tax benefit to the son who is keeping parents with him or can charge 0.5% to 1 % income extra tax for children who are not keeping parents with them. let children fight for parents. Here, government can charge Fixed tax for those who are no paying tax like shopkeepers or small business persons etc. This can again add lack of Cr. to government in income tax earning so government will be happy to force your children to take proper care of you. There can be some legal challenges but government is strong enough to take care of them, they can get money in lac’s of Cr.
  • You can force government to provide health benefits which are coming through recent innovations like stem cell therapy. I am not a doctor to give perfect solution but as per my knowledge stem cell therapy can be use to provide new strength & vigor to your body by injecting millions of stem cells into your body. stem cells are the cells which can take shape of any cell of your body. You can get these cells at the time of birth of your grand children, from the placenta amniotic sac & fluid. It has power to solve your lots of aging related problems. you can also get stem cells from your bone marrow or blood. If government will desire to implement this for 11 Cr. people, then it will be the cheapest in the world & India can be leader in technology & center for mass treatment & generate handsome foreign revenue for nation.

Now, one more curse is left there. Curse of yourself. Yes, you read it right. It’s curse of yourself. Whole life you have tried to find easy solution of problem by giving bribe that has created corrupt system. Now out of 11 Lakh Cr. (USD 150 Billion) how much will come to you all that depends on how much corrupt system that you have created. One thing is sure, most of politicians at the age of 50’s, 60’s or 70’s & are also already started facing health issues. At the end of the day, pain in knee of yours mine & that politician is same. When it is severe then everyone is bend to his knee & that pain washes out corruption out of him & he starts feeling pain of others.

here, I have tries to highlight, how your past karma affects you? How you can approach to a problem? Nothing is impossible in this temporary world. Here, I would like to here from readers, your suggestions, so that I can accommodate it & it will be helpful for others. If we share one good thought, then we both have two good thoughts. have a great day ahead..

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