Women Empowerment

Does women’s are so weak that they should be empowered?

I firmly accept that in the current scenario women’s are physically weaker than men but how can I accept that women are not smarter than men? One simple question that we have heard many times from childhood in India is ” akal badi ki bhais badi ? (Brain is bigger (Stronger) or bull is bigger (Stronger).” We know that Knowledge Predominates Over Mere Strength. From childhood, I have always heard that mostly topper in class is a girl if not then also if you see % of boys Vs girls who had pass that exam then girls are always on top of it. I am worried when I heard, women need empowerment. What happens to the smartness of those girls afterward. Though smarter compared to the same age of boys in exam why these girls are becoming so week in the future that they needs to be empowered?

Who is making girls/women weak in their due course of life?

  1. Her parents
  2. Husband
  3. Her in-laws (Mother-in-law, Father-in-law)
  4. She herself

Her Parents :

Yes, her parents start making her weak. Almost all parents give different treatment to their girl than a boy. They make her weak by following ways:

  1. Morale Boost
  2. Physical Weakness

Morale Boost: They fail to provide a required morale boost for her. Actually environment is bad for girls than boys. Girls find that mostly all women around her like mother, grandmother, aunts or neighbors all are mostly housewife. The percentage can change from cities to villages but most are housewife. Major role is to cook food, wash the cloth & utensils. In contrast to Boys, they find it’s their responsibility to earn, look after the family. As the condition is already adverse for girls, but

  1. Parents fail to make them carrier orientated Just like boys. Even parents don’t understand the importance of it. –
    1. Let’s say son-in-law is earning Rs. 100 / month. He spends Rs. 75 as monthly expenses & saves Rs. 25 every month. If his daughter earns only half of his earning that is Rs. 50 / month then also their savings will be 3 times than current. So if they are now planning to take any home loan then they can pay it within 4.5 years which could have taken 20 years previously for her husband. Otherwise, it can drastically enhance their standard of living. More money is available for parties, picnic, fashion, jewelry & many more. In actual what parents want, their girl should get a charming prince who can keep her like a princess. I don’t know if the prince is living on the road in India & each & every girl will get one to marry. Parents should understand actual reality, are not kids to leave in the dream world.
    • Second thing, when she earns, she is not dependant on her husband. She will have more flexibility in taking independant decisions. She is becaming more stronger & smarter than staying as housewife. It also helps her in case of divoce, she is more stronger to take her decision.
  2. Some parents won’t teach girls about required behavioral changes, which she need after marriage, to stay happily with her in-laws. What parents do, they feel mind of girl that on charming prince will come for her. She will leave princes life. That makes her even mentally weak to face challenges at her husband’s home. Girl is at the reciving end because she is the one who comes out of her comfert zone (her parents home) to shifts to her husbands home. There is she fails to get support of her husband then some times she needs to suffer a lot because of her arogance.

Physical Weakness: Hardly parents look-after to make their girls stronger physically. They don’t bother even the percentage of rape or harassment is growing day by day. What they do to safeguard her, just told girls to return home at 7 o’clock. This automatically makes feeling in girls that they are weaker & need to be protected. What parents feel is that girls should look dedicated. they are ready to spend money on her – lots of cloths, cosmetics but no money for karate or judo. Parents feel that is for boys & not for girls. Whether self-defense techniques need a masculine body to defend herself? No, it’s not, you don’t need the power to defeat anyone but need knowledge of weak points & tricks to hit them hard. Hardly parents pay attention to that. They make smarter girls mentally weak by hammering that they can not fight with boys. This mental weakness mostly taking the lives of girls in cases of harassment or rape attempt made on them. Parents feel pride in candle march, this is shameful reality of society.

Husband :

Yes, In most of cases even the life partner can be a hurdle. Though he understands the importance of her. There are following reasons which pull him back :

  1. Doubt on her character
  2. Fear of losing control
  1. Doubt on her character: Yes this is the most worrying point in the mind of some husband. If the wife is more beautiful or smarter than him then chances are very high. He feels that if his wife will go out for a job then he won’t have any control over her. She can develop extramarital affairs. But in his own case, he feels it is a must for him to go out for earning. His wife should not keep any doubt on him. He can come late to home saying there was a meeting or workload in the office. He can enjoy late parties but if wife is late by half an hour then he needs an explanation for it. I am also a husband but can’t understand why people think that extramarital affairs can happen only outside ? They can happen while staying at home also. If she is so greedy then she can find solution out of if. May be neighbor, milkman, postman, old friend or even close relative or someone else. It is up to the man to keep his wife fully satisfied so she won’t need to look after for that. I think, if he can’t keep her satisfied then he don’t have right to doubt on her character.
  2. Fear of loosing control: Now a day’s this is one of the growing concern in the society. Some feel that if she will start earning then she can reply back to him in arguments or can firmly stand against him in some family decisions & he will force to take her opinion before making decisions. He might loose full authority over her which he is enjoying currently. Just look at it – In the forest, the lion is stronger than lioness, most of the hunts are made by lioness & not by lion but does it affect the lion. He also makes few hunts but those are bigger one generally that justify his vigor & dominance. Does he says to the lioness to sit here, I will hunt for you? – no not at all, it is the lioness who hunts for him to please him. But actual thing is exactly opposite in case of men. As per recent study done in phycology about stress level of men, it is really surprising that if wife earns money more than 40% of household income then stress level of her husband increases. For details study report you can click here. but, If you want short news then can refer here.

Husbands like hardworking women, who can go to office, can cook very delicious food for him, should take care of his parents, should look after of their children. Everything he want, but fails to look after about her health, most of the husbands even hardly care about security of their wife while she is going for her job. like her dad, he also don’t care to provide classes for self defiance technique, but needs her salary every month.

Her in-laws (Mother-in-law, Father-in-law) :

Her mother-in-law & father-in-law have there own problem to look after again that will be driven by the generation gap between two generations.

  1. The generation gap between Husband wife & their Parents
  2. Ego between wife & mother
  3. Old-age issues of her in-laws

The generation gap between husband-wife & their parents :

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